The Kruse Law Firm has all the knowledge and experience you need in a team of expert criminal lawyers who can build a strong defence in your favor. The team has the expertise and drive needed to defend you against sexual assault charges and will provide you with the peace of mind that you are in good hands during your case.

The owner of the Kruse Law Firm, Michael Kruse, has over 30 years of criminal trial experience and is a distinguished criminal defence lawyer who has successfully represented countless clients against sexual assault charges. He and his team will work tirelessly to ensure that you are treated fairly every step of the way.

What a Owen Sound Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Do for You

If you are facing charges of sexual assault, it is a very serious matter that requires immediate attention. You will want to consult with a Owen Sound sexual assault lawyer as soon as possible. You should know what sexual assault charges mean and understand the severity of the situation. It’s important to know the following:

What Is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is a serious crime that involves violating a victim by sexual means. It entails inappropriate sexual touching that is usually forceful and always against the victim’s wishes and consent. The crime is of a sexual nature that violates the sexual integrity of the victim. It can also include the perpetrator using threats or a weapon to coerce the victim. The perpetrator can be of either gender, and the victim can be of either gender. A person can also be charged with sexual assault against their spouse.

Consequences of Sexual Assault

A person convicted of sexual assault in Owen Sound can expect to receive a jail term ranging from a few months to many years in jail, depending on the nature of the sexual assault. A jail term might only be avoided for minor sexual assaults, such as intentional sexual touching of a person’s buttock in a bar. The current range of sentences in Ontario for a typical non-aggravated date rape charge where the victim was not injured is two to three years in jail. For a more aggravated sexual assault, the jail terms can range from four to ten years or more in the penitentiary.

If the victim is 16 or older, the maximum penalty is ten years in jail. If the victim is under 16, there are mandatory minimum jail terms, and the accused could receive a maximum of 14 years in jail. Suppose you are in a position of trust or authority (such as a teacher or coach) towards a young person between 16 and 18 years old. In that case, a conviction for sexual exploitation also carries mandatory minimum jail terms and a maximum jail term of 14 years in the penitentiary.

If you are convicted of sexual assault, you will be put on the National Sex Offender Registry, which can negatively affect your personal and professional life indefinitely.

The Role of a Owen Sound Sexual Assault Lawyer

Our goal is to assess your case and develop a fact-based strategy to protect your freedom and reputation. We use proven trial advocacy tactics to:

  • Assess the complainant’s reliability and credibility and any possible reasons they might lie
  • Identify any inconsistencies or improbabilities in the alleged victim’s version of events
  • Examine if your constitutional rights have been respected
  • Provide a viable trial strategy
  • Prepare you to testify at trial to establish reasonable doubt
  • Cross-examine the complainant and any other prosecution witnesses to undermine or weaken their credibility and reliability and create reasonable doubt

Assuming you wish to resolve your case and plead guilty, we will effectively negotiate the lightest possible sentence based on your background and the facts of your case. We believe that everyone deserves the best possible legal representation, no matter whether you are innocent or admit that you have committed a crime.

Why You Should Retain Us

If you have been arrested and charged with sexual assault in Owen Sound, you need the immediate assistance of an experienced sexual assault lawyer. Do not hesitate to contact our team of skilled criminal lawyers at the Kruse Law Firm. Don’t risk your future, family, employment, or freedom by representing yourself.

The skilled lawyers at the Kruse Law Firm in Owen Sound will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options regarding your case. We will listen to your side of things and advise you about the law and how your case will proceed through the court system. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of our complex criminal legal system and the law pertaining to sexual assault. We will fight to protect your rights every step of the way and achieve the best possible results for you.

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