Have you been charged with an impaired driving offence in North York, Ontario?

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One drinking and driving charge can change your life forever. Having one too many drinks then getting behind the wheel can bring devastating consequences, which may include:

  • Driving prohibition
  • Monetary fine
  • Possible jail term
  • Elevated insurance rates for at least six years
  • Participation in the “Back-on-Track” program
  • Installation, at your expense, of an Ignition Interlock system
  • Permanent criminal record which can affect current and future employment opportunities, your ability to travel outside Canada, and your immigration status
  • Criminal record

Never assume that you are guilty because you have been charged, and don’t feel morally obligated to plead guilty at the first opportunity in order to take responsibility for your actions. This is definitely one of the most serious decisions you will ever have to make in your lifetime, and you should speak to an experienced impaired driving trial lawyer before deciding what to do.

Kruse Law Firm understands the stress and fear a charged person is under. We also understand that people make mistakes, especially when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We are not here to judge you; we are here to help.

Criminal driving offences in Ontario include:

  • Impaired driving
  • Care and Control
  • Over 80 mg
  • Fail/refuse to provide breath sample

People charged with a DUI often believe there is no defence. However, there are common procedures, technical and case law-based defences which will often result in your charges being reduced or even dismissed by a judge. You need a professional in your corner who has your best interests at heart.

Kruse Law Firm has successfully defended hundreds of people charged with Criminal Code throughout Ontario, including North York. You need this experience on your side.

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We offer honest and candid advice—not unrealistic guarantees. One of our experienced lawyers will review your case with you and carefully outline your options. Remember, a large percentage of cases are winnable at trial. Let Kruse Law Firm fight for you!

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