The impaired driving lawyers at Kruse Law Firm defend people who have been charged with an impaired driving or over 80 offence in the Milton area or the Halton region.

If you are convicted of an impaired driving charge in Milton, the consequences are devastating and will result in fines, a driving suspension, a possible jail term, increased insurance rates, and a criminal record which can hinder you from the following:

  • Travel to work which can impact your employment opportunities
  • Travelling to the U.S. or overseas
  • Difficulties in getting car insurance coverage
  • Not being bondable

Upon conviction other requirements include:

  • Enrolment in the Back-on-Track program
  • Installation of the ignition interlock device in your car for a period of one year following your suspension

You could also receive severe penalties in Milton for subsequent offences such as an extended jail term and a longer licence suspension.

Our expert impaired driving lawyers and knowledgeable support staff at Kruse Law Firm can advise you of your legal rights and provide you with accurate information so you are well informed of your options before you decide to move on to the next step.

Many people believe that it may be easier to just plead guilty because they think that is the only way out. This is simply not true. How are you taking the right steps if you plead guilty to a charge that could have been reduced or even withdrawn? That’s why you need to call our drunk driving or DUI lawyers serving Milton, so that we can review the evidence properly and argue your case to ensure that you are given a fair chance in court.

A large percentage of our cases resolve without proceeding to a full day of trial. How is this done?

Kruse Law Firm focuses on extensive research regarding impaired driving case law, thorough analysis regarding your case, and proper preparation before trial. Impaired driving law is a complicated and technical area of criminal law which requires a lawyer who focuses on impaired driving cases. Kruse Law Firm has full resources and instant access to expert toxicologists which can be utilized towards your defence and increase the chance of winning your case.

We can also assist you with Highway Traffic Act offences such as careless driving, speeding, and driving without insurance.

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Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Kitchener, London, Toronto, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.

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