Impaired driving is a highly technical and rapidly changing area of criminal law which requires the assistance of experienced counsel who understand the intricacies of defending these specific charges.

Not only do the lawyers at Kruse Law Firm have the experience to defend your case, but the support staff are just that: supportive. From your initial call to the office to your last meeting with your lawyer, all lawyers and assistants will take the time to ensure that you clearly understand the process and your options during this difficult period. Involvement with the criminal justice system in Barrie can be an intimidating and confusing experience, and we pride ourselves on our ability to support our clients while we guide them through the process. Every member of the team at Kruse Law Firm will do his or her best to ensure that you understand the process and that your rights are fully protected while defending your case.

What We Do

Kruse Law Firm focuses on defending impaired driving and over 80 charges. Because the majority of the work we do is related to these specific charges, our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all the potential defences. The laws governing impaired driving are constantly changing, and it is important that your lawyer has up-to-the-minute knowledge of the elements of the offence, potential defences, and consequences that you may be facing.

Our Barrie impaired driving trial lawyers also have experience defending all other types of criminal charges, including drunk driving, DUI, assault, domestic assault, drug charges, fraud, theft, and tax evasion. We are also able to assist individuals facing charges under the Highway Traffic Act, such as stunt driving, careless driving, driving without insurance, and many other types of traffic charges.

If you have been charged with impaired driving or over 80 in Barrie, it is important that you retain a law firm that focuses on this area of law. Why not retain the firm that other criminal defence lawyers call for advice when they are defending impaired driving charges?

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Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Kitchener, London, Toronto, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.

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