There are many different criminal drug charges a person can face in Canada. These offences come with mandatory minimum penalties, and those are more severe when an aggravating factor in present. If you have been charged with a drug-related offence in Canada, you need the guidance of an experienced criminal defence lawyer. It can also help to know some of the basics regarding how drug crimes are prosecuted under Canada’s laws.

The following are some of the most common drug-related offences a person can face:

  • Trafficking;
  • Possession;
  • Possession with intent to traffic;
  • Importing or exporting; and
  • Production.

If any of the above are associated with organized crime, intent to exploit children, the use of violence or weapons, or previous drug convictions, then they might be elevated to the level of an aggravated drug offence.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Trafficking can involve the selling or transporting of illegal substances around the country. ‘Transporting’ can mean a number of things, like giving drugs to someone else, transferring drugs, sending drugs to someone else or delivering drugs to someone else.

An offer to sell someone drugs will result in a drug charge, even if the defendant actually possesses no drugs at the time of offer. On the other hand, the possession of large quantities of drugs, money and drug packaging paraphernalia commonly invites trafficking charges.

Possible Penalties for Serious Drug Crimes

A conviction for drug trafficking or any other serious drug crime can result in severe penalties and follow a person for the rest of his or her life. Penalties range from large fines, probation and months or years in prison up to a life sentence, depending on the nature and circumstances of the charges.

A Note on Marijuana Legalization

Recreational marijuana was legalized in July of 2018 in Canada, but there are rules regarding the minimum legal age to possess or purchase and where it is legal to smoke marijuana. For this reason, drug charges may still result from recreational marijuana use unless a person is careful to follow Canadian marijuana laws. If you find yourself facing marijuana drug charges, contact a defence lawyer right away.

Contact a Criminal Defence Lawyer If You Are Facing Drug Charges

If you are arrested for a drug-related offence, you should engage the services of a criminal defence lawyer right away. Do not try to navigate our complex legal system on your own. Protecting your future after an arrest is a priority when facing criminal charges. The criminal defence lawyers at Kruse Law are experienced in every aspect of our Canadian criminal legal system. We are committed to doing everything we can to try and win your case and protect you from overly harsh sentencing. We have several former criminal prosecutors on our team of lawyers, including former drug prosecutors. We understand the “tricks of the trade” and the mindset of crown prosecutors. We will use this knowledge and experience to craft the best possible legal strategy to try and win your case or obtain the best possible outcome. If you are arrested for any type of crime in Ontario, contact us at +1-800-699-0806 for a consultation, or visit us online and complete the consultation form.

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