Under the Canadian Charter of Rights, you are entitled to the following:

Right to Silence

This is guaranteed by section 7 of the Charter of Rights. It basically means that any person can either speak or remain silent, according to his proper judgment and that a person does not have to disclose information if he doesn’t want to, especially if that information can be used against him.

Right to be Presumed Innocent

Just because a person has been accused of an alleged crime does not mean that that person is automatically guilty. This can be applied during the trial, as any person is deemed innocent only unless there is evidence showing that the person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Right to be Promptly Informed of the Reason for Detention/Arrest

Any person has to be informed of why they are being arrested. If the police don’t give any clear reason, then the arrest cannot be valid and the court won’t allow the use of any evidence they may be able to get.

Right to a Lawyer

This means that no matter what the situation, you have every right to seek counsel from your lawyer, and the police should not stop you from doing so. Once you demand to speak to your lawyer, then the police should stop whatever they are doing in order to assist you.

Right to a Fair Trial

Under section 7 of the Charter of Rights, you have every right to get a fair trial that follows an acceptable procedure.

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