Our clients were once as scared and confused as you are after an accusation of sexual assault. Read through our testimonials to hear past clients explain the charges they were facing, how we helped guide them through the legal process, and how we were able to get the best possible result in their cases.

  • “Mike Kruse and his team were exceptional in every regard after I was falsely accused with sexual assault. From first consultation, over the two years of proceedings and up to the final battles in court Mike and his team were supportive, professional, and worked tirelessly to get me the best possible outcomes. Every detail mattered during my trial and Mike masterfully commanded every detail. His guidance and preparation made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much Mike, from my Family to yours.”

  • “When I was first charged with sexual assault, it felt like my entire world crashed. I knew that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and that I needed an experienced lawyer to handle my case. After doing my research, I chose Mike Kruse to represent me. His expertise was evident from our first conversation, and I knew I was in good hands. Mike and his team were there for me whenever I needed them and were willing to work with me to accommodate my chaotic work schedule. Mike put hundreds of hours into my case, and we met on many different occasions in preparation for my trial. He left no stone unturned. When that day came, Mike showed up to court on time, well prepared, and very well organized. He was able to point out all of the times that my accuser lied and changed his story, and was able to clearly show the court that what I was accused of simply could not have happened. It was a very long process, but hiring Mike Kruse and his team to handle my case was the best decision of my life. He truly is dedicated to his work and I would absolutely recommend him to anybody involved in the justice system.”

  • “Anthony and the Kruse Law Firm were invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. I was charged with sexual assault and throughout the entire process of forming a defense, meetings and the trial itself I felt Anthony and the fellow Kruse Law staff were supportive, kind and professional. Anthony’s tireless attention to my case enabled an acquittal of all charges. I would highly recommend Anthony and the Kruse Law Firm as the team to represent your criminal defense needs because of their exemplary work ethic and because of the successful outcome of my case.”

  • “When I was falsely accused of sexual assault my life crashed around me. Kruse Law firm tirelessly worked on my case to help me get my life back. Mike Kruse is an exceptional lawyer. He was able to coerce the lies out of the accuser during trial, this was imperative, as she had sounded so convincing when giving her narrative of the events that supposedly took place. However, upon cross examination, she buckled when Mike was relentless with his questioning and that’s exactly what was needed. The devil is in the details, and Mike is very thorough. The judge even made reference to the thoroughness by Mr. Kruse when giving his judgement statement. His entire staff, including other lawyers at the firm, and all office managers spend hundreds of hours on this case as they were all very committed to helping me get my life back. The court process is very long, and Mike Kruse doesn’t come cheap, but at the end of the day and having endured 15 months of living hell, the price of having my life back is worth so much more. The old saying ”you get what you pay for”, is certainly true here. I couldn’t be happier with the result and Kruse law firm is worth it, and as such I highly recommend them to anyone.”

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