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A weapon, by Canadian law, is interpreted as any object designed to be used or intended for use in causing injury or even death to a person, or for the purposes of intimidating or threatening a person. Because this is such a broad interpretation, anything can be construed to be a weapon, not just knives, firearms or other items usually used for self-defense. In some cases, a baseball bat and even a pen can be interpreted as weapons, depending on what the Crown thinks the object was used for or was intended to be used for.

A weapon can be used to perform a criminal offense such as assault or sexual assault. The use of a weapon in such cases usually increases the seriousness of the penalty.

If you are faced with a charge of carrying weapons, don’t limit your options. Kruse Law can represent you and put forth a variety of valid defences, according to your particular case and your circumstances. You don’t have to make any statements to the police, as they may use this against you. Always remember that anyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Do not give up and automatically enter a guilty plea to a weapons charges. The consequences may be very serious and life changing.

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