I want to talk about what type of criminal charges Kruse Law Firm handles. First of all, our firm completely restricts our practice to handling any type of criminal case or impaired driving. So that’s the full gamut of cases under the Criminal Code, Narcotics Controls Act and other Acts in Canada which are criminal acts. There are certain offences for example under the Customs Act which are criminally related. We have done this area of law for over 30 years and it’s all we do. All of our lawyers. We don’t do any other type of law other than this area and that runs the full gamut so you’re talking crimes of violence like assault, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, any type of sexual crime, domestic assault, property offences, drug offences and of course one of our focuses is on impaired driving by alcohol and impaired driving by drugs. Coincidentally approximately 15 % of criminal charges in Canada are impaired driving offences if you can believe that a little known fact. This is what we do. We have very experienced lawyers in this regard and in fact we have former criminal prosecutors. I’m a former criminal prosecutor myself when I started my career and we have former drug prosecutors. This is what you need. If you’re hiring a criminal lawyer , you’re charged with a criminal offence, you need to find a lawyer who restricts their practice to this specific area and is experienced doing the specific type of crime that you’re involved in because not all lawyers handle for example impaired driving cases, just as an example but we do the full spectrum. We are here to serve you and we are going to do the best we can to either win your case or get the best result possible in court.