When you’re charged with impaired driving in the province you automatically get a 90 day administrative licence suspension right off the bat. So you can’t drive for 90 days. Let’s take the situation where you hire a lawyer and you decide to proceed to trial. The trial is not going to take place for 12 to 15 months at least from the time you were arrested. How do I get my licence back then is the situation. What you would do is on the 91st day you would go down to the Ministry of Transportation and pay a reinstatement fee and get your licence back and you can then drive right up until the point of your trial. If you win your trial that’s it. You’re not facing any further penalties. If you lose your trial, you are found guilty you are then going to be suspended. I discuss this in other videos about the length of suspension and fines you’re going to face in that particular situation. So that’s basically how you get your licence back and it’s up to you whether you want a trial or to plead guilty but this is for a situation where the 90 days has passed and how you get it back.