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What Are The Chances Of Getting The Charge Withdrawn Or Dismissed?

Video Transcript

A very common question that our lawyers are asked in our firm is “What are our chances of getting our charge withdrawn or dismissed?”

Now first of all, it’s very difficult to answer that question in a vacuum.

A lawyer needs to get a hold of all the police reports for disclosure, the witness statements, and provide you an opinion of what your odds of winning are.

The key to any criminal case is uncovering all of that background information and the Crown is required provide that to you.

Once we have that in our hands, we are able to then, be in the position to negotiate with the Crown, point out weaknesses in the case, to decide ahead of trial or decide to provide the best result possible for you through a negotiated resolution.

So in answering that question, the key is, we, first of all, do have a consistent track record of winning cases, but not all cases can be one.

But all cases can have a result where’s the best result possible. And that’s my promise to you, is to get the best result you can.

Call us. Get the Kruse Law advantage. You can call one of our lawyers right now and talk to him, I promise you’re gonna get good honest advice.

The call is free. And at the end of the call, if you decide to retain us, I think you’re gonna get the best results you can in the business.

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