I want to provide you with a quick tip about pleading guilty to an impaired driving by alcohol charge.

In Ontario, many police officers on the information (i.e. the charging document that winds up before the court), will charge a person with impaired by alcohol and/or a drug. Now, the problem is, if you plead guilty to the impaired by alcohol charge and the crown is not alleging that you were impaired by a drug, make sure you ask the Judge to delete the drug averment (i.e. delete the phrase “and/or a drug” from the information/charging document). That is what we call an averment.

Politely request that the Judge delete it, amend it and get rid of it and they will do that. If you do not do this, you will not qualify for Stream A Ignition Interlock with the Ministry of Transportation because they would consider it an impaired by drug offence which does not qualify for Stream A Ignition Interlock.