Hi, I’m Mike Kruse. I’m the owner of Kruse Law (Firm). And I’m here to answer a question that’s often posed to us.

And the question is this, “I’ve got a criminal record, say for two prior DUIs or impaired driving and I’m charged with a third, can I avoid a jail term?” First of all, oftentimes we can.

You may have a winning case. Secondly, if you have some issues in your case, for example that we could point out to the Crown attorney, we may be able to negotiate no jail.

If the Crown relies on a prior record, the penalties for a third offence are devastating.

For example, it’s a minimum 120-day jail term and potentially 10-year license suspension by the ministry leaving to a lifetime.

That’s actually reviewable after ten years. So you need some help, you need the advice. We can often win this type of cases.

We can often avoid jail term, We can often minimize jail term. So give us a show, it’s free, there’s no obligation. And you can retain us and we’re gonna get the best results you can.