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As experienced criminal lawyers, we at Kruse Law Firm, understand how stressful this experience can be for you. You may have never dealt with the police, prosecutors or been through the court process before which is overwhelming and very confusing.

In order to help alleviate your stress you will have to make the very important decision of finding the right law firm to represent you. Here at Kruse Law Firm our trial lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience in defending clients who are facing DUI charges. Our experienced lawyers, including three former crown prosecutors, have what it takes to handle your case and obtain the optimal results for you.

Types of DUI related cases that our firm handles:

  • Impaired Driving by alcohol
  • Over 80 mgs
  • Refuse Breath Tests at the roadside/police station
  • Impaired driving by a Drug
  • Dangerous Driving

What it means for you to win your DUI case:

  • No criminal record
  • Save face in your community and avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction
  • Ability to keep your much needed licence and continue to drive
  • Avoid the Ministry Back on Track and Ignition Interlock problems
  • Avoid difficulties when crossing the border into the United States
  • Avoid court fine, victim fine surcharge, increased insurance rates and other costs totalling up to $25,000

Kruse Law employs a team of dedicated and experienced winners in the realm of defending DUI charges. You owe it to yourself to obtain great legal representation in order to assist you with your impaired driving charges and given our proven success record across Ontario, we are confident that Kruse Law Firm is the correct choice for you.

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Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Toronto, Kitchener, London, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.


I was charged with impaired driving and refusal to provide a breath sample. I hired Alec Fiszauf and he formulated a defence strategy and, although I had doubts about his plan, I went along with it and was acquitted on both charges. I was kept informed and led through every step of the process and I found the cost to be very reasonable. Of utmost importance to me is the fact that I was treated like a person instead of a mere case number by Mr. Fiszauf and his kind and wonderful staff.
– Kathryn

I would definitely recommend Mr. Fiszauf and the Kruse Law Firm to anyone. I was charged with a DUI and they were able to get the charges withdrawn with no implications to my license or to my insurance. You will not be disappointed with the service or the results!
– J.T.

Mike Kruse and Karl Toews are two of the upmost professionals I have ever come across in the legal profession. They worked diligently, hard and determined. They were always available if I needed to talk and were more than willing to update me about my case at any time. I could not recommend Karl Toews enough. He worked tirelessly to have my charges dropped and most importantly he personally cared about me and my situation.
– Ben

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