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Ontario Criminal and DUI Lawyers
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St. Thomas Impaired Driving Lawyers

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If you are charged with impaired driving in St. Thomas, you will need to call A LAW FIRM THAT FOCUSES ON DEFENDING Impaired Driving cases. At the Kruse Law Firm, you will find informed, honest and candid advice on your criminal charge.

Michael Kruse has been successfully defending DUI cases since 1993. Michael Kruse and his team of Impaired Driving Lawyers have earned the respect of Judges and Lawyers throughout Ontario and in St. Thomas. Your best interests and your driving privileges are the most important concerns to the DUI Lawyers at the Kruse Law Firm.

The Kruse Law Firm is aware that the loss of your driving privileges may threaten your livelihood and your quality of life. It is important to spare you and your family from as much economic loss as possible.

Many people believe that simply because they have been arrested and charged that they must be guilty. This is not always the case. A wise individual will seek the advice of the most knowledgeable lawyer that they can find. When it comes to defending your DUI or drunk driving charges in St. Thomas, you will be in good hands with Kruse Law Firm.

Don't give up, call 1‑800‑699‑0806 for your FREE consultation if you are charged with an impaired driving offence in St. Thomas or the surrounding area.

Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in London, Kitchener, Toronto, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.