Ontario Criminal and DUI Lawyers
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Ontario Criminal and DUI Lawyers
Toll-Free: 1‑800‑699‑0806

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Our Winning Edge in DUI Cases

At Kruse Law Firm we have gained an excellent reputation across Ontario for our courtoom success defending Impaired Driving and DUI cases.

Impaired driving trials typically take an entire day and sometimes longer. Our clients are often surprised at how much effort and how many hours of work is required for our DUI attorneysto properly prepare for an impaired driving trial. Proper preparation will require many meetings at our office and many hours of detailed factual preparation and legal research.

On the day of trial, it will appear that we are effortlessly presenting your case. The reality is that we have spent hours of meticulous preparation behind the scenes.

The Recipe for Winning a Drinking and Driving Charge Contains Four Key Ingredients:

  1. Proper Preparation by the lawyer and client
  2. More Preparation
  3. Our extensive experience and excellent trial advocacy, and
  4. A burning desire and will to win every single trial we do.

At Kruse Law Firm, we consistently follow this winning trial formula. We will bring "everything we got" to win your case. Every Case. Every Time. Without exception. Without fail.