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  1. Free Consultation: You have nothing to lose-just talk to us to see where you stand. The worst that can happen if you decide not to retain us is that you will receive some solid legal advice.
  1. Our exclusive focus on defending criminal law matters only: Criminal law is a unique and complex area of law. Judges, crown attorneys, and criminal defence lawyers across the province fully understand that the skill and experience of the lawyer you hire will make all the difference whether you win your case or whether you receive a lighter sentence. Our lawyers focus on defending all types of criminal cases including assault, sexual assault, sexual-related crimes, crimes of violence, property crimes, theft, fraud, impaired driving, drug charges and murder charges. We bring many decades of winning criminal court room experience to the table. We are recognized as one of the leading criminal law firms in Ontario by judges, crown attorneys and the public. Criminal defence is all we do 24/7. When we show up in a courtroom to defend a client at his or her criminal trial, the judges and crown attorneys know we mean business and are there to win.
  2. Success Rate: Mike Kruse and his team of lawyers have a good success rate of winning criminal cases over the last 25 years. If there is a way to win, Kruse Law Firm will find it.
  3. Three former crown prosecutors: Our firm has three former crown prosecutors including the founding lawyer, Mike Kruse. Mr. Kruse personally prosecuted hundreds of criminal charges from 1989 to 1993 as an assistant crown attorney before becoming a criminal defence lawyer in 1993. Our lawyers know the judges, the crown attorneys, the criminal law system and the “tricks of the trade” from both the defence side and the prosecution side. This give us a distinct advantage both in and out of court as we understand the mindset and strategies of the crown attorneys.
  4. Team work. Our firm prides ourselves on the fact that, “Two minds are better than one”: Mike Kruse will personally review your case along with one of the other Kruse Law Firm lawyers. This allows you to have the advantage of receiving the combined experience, expertise, skill and knowledge of two well-regarded Kruse Law Firm criminal lawyers for the price of one.
  5. Value: there is a difference between the cost of a service and the value of the service. You will receive our guarantee of receiving very high value for the cost incurred. Our legal fees are fair and competitive with other criminal law firms. We can also offer you differential rates and lower fees to meet your budget depending on the seniority of the lawyer you select from Kruse Law Firm. You can choose either to have Mike Kruse personally handle your case or, alternatively, have Mike provide his expertise, insight and a second opinion to the Kruse Law Firm lawyer who is assigned to your case.
  6. Communication, Access and Availability: good communication and listening skills are crucial to a great defence and an informed and satisfied client. Kruse Law Firm provides 24/7 service. We continuously update our clients with the progress of their case both verbally and through correspondence. We also have multiple local offices and criminal defence lawyers throughout Ontario. We know the local judges and crowns in Oshawa and cities throughout Western Ontario which gives us a unique advantage to win your case. You will also receive straight up and honest legal advice regarding your criminal charge. You will know where you stand and not be left in the dark.
  7. Caring: An important part of our legal defence service is to alleviate your stress. You must feel comfortable and have confidence in your lawyer. At Kruse Law Firm, it is our job to help you through a difficult situation. We truly care about each client and their particular issues. Our firm’s motto is “Tell us your side……..we handle it.” In other words, we listen; we care; we will competently handle your problems and most importantly, we will get results for you. Our promise and guarantee to you is that we will help you either win your case or get the best result possible.

If you are facing any type criminal charge or a DUI, your best course of action is to hire one of our competent and experienced criminal defence lawyers with specific knowledge of criminal law and the Ontario Court system. Call Kruse Law Firm now at 289-274-8080 for a free no obligation consultation.

Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Toronto, Kitchener, London, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.


Excellent knowledge of the legal system and the plea bargaining process. The outcome of my matter exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Alec Fiszauf to anyone in need of a Criminal Defence Lawyer!
The office staff is also very helpful.
– Glenn

At first, I was having such a hard time finding a good firm that I could trust, but then I came across Kruse Law Firm and I knew right away that they would be perfect to represent us. They were quick to respond and very helpful in answering all the questions I had. The staff made this very difficult situation go smoothly for us. I am so grateful for finding them as the outcome was awesome. I couldn’t be happier with the service received from this firm. I want to thank Mr. Toews for the great job and the whole staff. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.
– Tina

Mr. Toews was an excellent attorney. He was very diligent and perceptive in the courtroom. He had extensive knowledge and wherewithal in criminal cases, I had multiple charges, and he didn’t just bring hope while I stressed, he delivered.
– Noah

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