Mr. Kruse has a team of excellent and skillful impaired driving lawyers who work in conjunction with expert forensic consultants across the province to provide accused persons with diligent and effective representation. If you are charged with impaired driving, you should note that a significant focus of Kruse Law Firm’s practice is based on defending impaired driving cases.

If you have been charged with any type of criminal offence in Toronto, including impaired driving, we understand the many serious consequences that you could face. Our highly experienced group of defence lawyers can represent you if you have been arrested in Toronto for:

Drinking and Driving, Impaired Driving by alcohol or a drug, DUI, DWI, Over 80, Exceed 80, Refusal, Failure to Provide a Breath Sample, Dangerous Driving, Driving while Prohibited, Driving under Suspension, Assault, Sexual Assault, Sexually-Related Offences Domestic Assault, Mischief, Fraud, Theft, Robbery, Drug charges, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Drug Distribution, Breach of Probation, Probation Violation

Kruse Law Firm is a renowned criminal defence practice in Toronto designed to protect and defend the rights of accused persons charged with minor or major criminal offences. If you or someone you know has been accused of a criminal offence, contact one of our lawyers immediately to provide you with legal advice and representation.

Why You Should Retain Us

If you have been charged with impaired driving, over 80, DUI, DWI or another criminal offence, you should contact Kruse Law Firm immediately after your arrest. Drinking and driving or drunk driving charges are very serious and, in light of the recent and ongoing changes to the law, these offences are now punishable by heavy fines, lengthy driving prohibitions, and jail terms.

Defending these charges is often possible, but requires the knowledge and experience that the lawyers at Kruse Law Firm have to analyze your case carefully and help you to make the best decision on how to proceed. Kruse Law Firm will provide you with confidential and effective service from a team of criminal defence lawyers who are passionate about protecting and defending your rights and interests. With office locations and lawyers in multiple locations in Western Ontario, our impaired driving lawyers can assist clients charged with drunk driving or any criminal offence in Ontario.

Free Consultation

If you have been accused of a criminal offence or impaired driving in Toronto or the GTA, it is imperative that you contact Kruse Law Firm for a consultation free of charge. At no cost to you, we will meet with you and provide you a review of your case, an overview of the court system, explain the law, and set out the various options that may be available to you. You are not alone. Contact us now and let us help you.

Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Toronto, Kitchener, London, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.

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