Have you been charged with a DUI / Impaired Driving Offence?

As you may know, any criminal charge can affect your life and its effects can be felt for many years. Whether it is applying for a new job, or simply wanting to take a trip outside of Canada, many restrictions can be placed on your life and access can be denied. You can face a mandatory minimum year-long licence suspension and the requirement to install an Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle at your expense. This will result in having to blow into the device every time you want to get behind the wheel of your car. Why accept this when you may not have to?

Impaired Driving Charge Defence

Defending drunk driving, impaired driving, impaired driving by a drug, or over 80 charges in Guelph is very technical and is widely based on expert knowledge of the intoxilyzer which are used to obtain breath samples. At Kruse Law Firm you can rest assured they are up on the latest technology as they strive to be the stay ahead of the curve. In fact, Mike Kruse is a certified Intoxilyzer technician which allows him to understand all of the intricacies of the Intoxilyzer.

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Michael Kruse is a former Criminal Prosecutor and is considered a leading impaired driving lawyer. His expertise and proven track record have gained him a reputation for success in defending against DUI charges. His impaired driving law firm has a proven track record in Guelph of winning impaired driving cases. Each and every associate DUI lawyer and staff member at Kruse Law Firm in Guelph has your best interest at heart. It is their policy to treat each client with the utmost respect and to treat them like a person. They will give you candid and sincere advice and will ensure that you understand everything. They will do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible result for you.

The lawyers at Kruse law firm are creative in defending their client’s rights. They are constantly looking for new defences and strengthening old ones and are widely considered to be leaders in their field. The impaired driving laws are constantly changing, but Kruse Law Firm is up to the challenge and is always up to date!

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With over 78 years of combined criminal trial experience, the impaired driving lawyers at Kruse Law are at the forefront of defending drinking and impaired by drug charges. There are very few Law Firms that focus on Impaired Driving cases and Kruse Law is one of them. The firm has the experience and expertise you need to defend your impaired by alcohol or impaired by a drug charge.