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Oakville DUI Lawyers

Tell us your side… we’ll handle it

Oakville DUI Lawyers

Tell us your side… we’ll handle it

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Have you been charged with an impaired driving offence in Oakville, Ontario?

Have you been charged with one of the following offences in Oakville?

Impaired driving by alcohol or a drug
Impaired driving causing bodily harm
Impaired driving causing death
Over 80
Over 80 care or control of a motor vehicle
Failing or refusing to provide a breath sample
An offence under the Highway Traffic Actor

Are you concerned about the potential consequences of a criminal conviction in Oakville, including:

A criminal record
A high fine
A lengthy driving prohibition/suspension
A period of probation or alcohol counseling
Skyrocketing insurance rates
Employment or education consequences
Difficulty traveling outside of Canada
Stigma and harm to your reputation in the community or
A jail term?

Please call Kruse Law Firm for your free consultation.

Kruse Law Firm has a team of criminal defence and DUI lawyers in Oakville with winning experience in defending impaired driving, drunk driving or DUI charges in Oakville. Our impaired driving lawyers keep abreast of this highly technical and rapidly changing area of law and of all available defences. Kruse Law Firm will take the time to carefully review your case to find any possible way to fight the charges and defend your rights.

The lawyers at Kruse Law Firm focus on defending impaired driving charges and will provide you with the advice and skilled courtroom representation you need to defend your case.

Don’t hesitate – all Oakville residents can call Kruse Law Firm
for a free, no-obligation consultation today!

Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Toronto, Kitchener, London, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.

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Being arrested is a traumatic experience. It helps to have an experienced criminal lawyer at your side as soon as possible.

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