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If you have been charged with a drinking and driving offence in Chatham such as:

  • Impaired driving by alcohol or a drug
  • Exceed
  • Over 80
  • Blowing over the legal limit on the intoxilyzer
  • DUI
  • DWI
  • Fail to provide or comply with a breath demand

What Can Kruse Law Firm do for You?

If you have been arrested in Chatham-Kent for impaired driving, drunk driving or operating a motor vehicle with over 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood, then you need to hire an impaired driving lawyer who can fight for you and has a proven track record.

Each year, the Government enacts tougher and stiffer laws with more severe penalties for drinking and driving offenses. You can lose your drivers licence, be placed in jail, and fined substantial fees. Your insurance rates can rise, and you will also get a criminal record which can have a negative impact on future employment, not to mention cross border or international travel.

When selecting legal representation in Chatham-Kent, realize that your lawyer’s expertise in impaired driving is crucial. The way your case is handled will directly impact on the outcome and thus your future. Having the DUI lawyers at Kruse law Firm on your side can mean the difference in obtaining a good result and a bad result.

Kruse law Firm has accumulated a highly successful record of acquittals, dismissals, withdrawals and reductions of impaired driving charges in Chatham, Ontario. Each case is different. However, Kruse Law Firm always starts with the goal of having your charge dismissed, withdrawn or reduced to a traffic ticket.

Your initial consultation is free, so why not start with a consultation by Southwestern Ontario’s true impaired driving legal experts. Our lawyers are willing to accommodate you with their flexible schedules and will put you at ease after speaking to them.

Call for a free, no-obligation consultation today at local number 226-798-4580.

Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Kitchener, London, Toronto, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.


Mr. Alec Fiszauf worked tirelessly on my over 80 charge, going through every little detail and making sure those details were covered and nothing was overlooked. As my case dragged on and I became discouraged, Alec did his best to fight for me and my rights. He was very professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions no matter how insignificant it was. He made sure I understood the law and prepared me well to take the stand. Most importantly, he believed in me and believed in my fighting chance. In the end, I was acquitted thanks to his tenacity and hard work. He was always on time, very professional and a very kind man. I would recommend him to anyone.
– Alice

Anthony was handling my case and on the first trial, He got all my charges dismissed.
The team was very friendly, cordial and capable to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I want to thank Anthony for his excellent job and all he did to get me out of this with no criminal record.
I highly recommend Kruse Law firm, Anthony Andreopoulos and Michael Kruse to represent anyone facing DUI charges.
– Miguel

I felt like I had more to lose than most with my DUI charge because I am not a Canadian resident and conviction would have meant a 5-year ban from Canada. Karl Towes of Kruise law and his team were so helpful and supportive during the process and eventually secured a huge win with all of my charges being withdrawn completely. I could not have asked for a better result and I am so appreciative of the hard work that was put in by Karl and his team.
I would highly recommend their services to anybody in a similar situation.
– Brian

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