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Understanding Canada’s Impaired Driving Laws

Bill C-46 has strengthened Canada’s impaired driving laws. Police forces across Canada have recently stated that they will be increasingly vigilant enforcing DUI laws and Bill C-46 will assist them in this regard. Impaired driving has become a serious criminal...

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Do Checkpoints Really Reduce Drunk Driving?

On Friday last week, a sobriety checkpoint in Ontario stopped 230 cars. However, the police only made a mere 7 arrests. In contrast, in 2016 at the same checkpoint location, 400 cars were stopped and 34 arrests were made for impaired driving. Law enforcement has...

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Canada’s Law Of Consent In Sexual Assault

In Canada, sexual activity is only legal when both the parties consent. Canada has a broad definition of sexual assault, and all unwanted sexual activities fall under it. For example, unwanted groping, fondling, kissing and rape are all considered to be forms of...

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Cannabis Impaired Driving

The consumption and possession of small amounts of marihuana has been declared legal in Canada as of October 17, 2018. In fact, cannabis usage for medical purposes has been permissible under the purview of Ontario law for many years. However, impaired driving by...

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How Drugs And Alcohol Affect Your Driving

Driving a vehicle requires good judgment, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, spatial awareness and knowledge of your car and the rules of the road. Drugs such as cannabis or others available over the counter can adversely impact your driving skills. It is not...

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How Sexual Assault Is Defined In Canada

At Kruse Law, we understand the serious consequences and implications involved if you are accused of a sex crime. The damage to your physical, emotional, and financial health causes levels of stress that may seem insurmountable. The stress, concerns and worries of...

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Woman Charged With Dui Manslaughter Of Canadian Athlete

Sandra Duval, 34, a resident of Tamarac, Florida, was arrested last month on charges of DUI manslaughter. She was accused of driving under the influence of fentanyl and cocaine, based on her blood test results. While she was driving under the influence of these drugs,...

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How To Manage False Allegations Of Sexual Assault

The thought of entering the legal process if you are accused of sexual assault can be petrifying. The unfortunate fact is that your life may be significantly impacted in several ways whether or not the allegations are true. The best legal strategy is to respond as...

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What Impaired Driving Means For Cannabis Users In Canada

The consumption and possession of small amounts of marihuana will be legal in Canada as of October 17, 2018. Canadians will be allowed to purchase cannabis and seeds for cultivation from federally licenced producers and possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in...

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Addressing The Legal Ramifications Of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a plague that has infected every social and economic class all over the world. Many assume that a victim is always a woman, but those who are victimized can be male or female. Also, the person committing the assault can be of the same sex as the...

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The Process Of Establishing Sexual Assault In Canada

In addition to dealing with the physical and emotional distress of sexual assault, victims must also make the difficult decision whether or not to press charges against their assailant. Those who are sexually assaulted grapple with this choice every year. A graphic...

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Truck Driver Charged With Dui Kills Five In Fiery Collision

In New Brunswick, a young family of five was killed by a trucker who failed to notice traffic backed up near a construction zone, on July 23 of 2016. According to news reports, the semi-truck full of cooking oil was traveling too fast when it plowed into a vehicle,...

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How To Defend Yourself Against Sexual Assault Charges

Some of the most devastating and serious charges that can be filed against a person are those involving sexual assault. Even false accusations can leave a stigma that can linger for the rest of your life. A report recently released by Statistics Canada shows that...

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Know Your Rights: Five Important Tips If You’re Arrested

Understanding your legal rights helps you to know what to expect if you’re arrested or detained, and can help ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Here are five of the most important tips to remember if you’re questioned by police or arrested. If you’re...

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Age Of Consent For Lawful Sexual Activity

The ‘age of consent’ refers to the age when a person can legally consent to sexual activity. Without consent, sexual activity is a criminal offence, regardless of a person’s age. Laws governing the age of consent apply to all kinds of sexual activity, from sexual...

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How Does Careless Driving Differ From Dangerous Driving?

Unlike ‘dangerous driving’, ‘careless driving’ is not a criminal offence. However, careless driving is sometimes referred to as a quasi-criminal offence and is certainly considered a serious charge under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act. A conviction for careless driving...

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Crown Fails To Prove DUI Charges Against ATV Driver

Drinking and driving laws in Canada govern the operation of any motorized vehicle, including motorboats, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. Nevertheless, DUI charges are generally laid against drivers of off-road vehicles and boats only when someone is injured in a...

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Driver Found ‘not Guilty’ Of Dangerous Driving

A 23-year-old woman was driving her vehicle on Highway 401 in Toronto, returning from a trip to Montreal, when her car left the passing lane and travelled onto the shoulder, crashing into the rear of a parked car and tragically resulting in the deaths of the vehicle...

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Canada’s Criminal Code Is Outdated

Increasingly in the news is the fact that Canada’s Criminal Code contains numerous confusing and outdated laws, and many criminal law experts agree that it is outdated and requires a substantial overhaul. The Criminal Code was first enacted in 1892 and has had only...

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