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Sexual Assault Legal Resources

What To Do If Accused Of Sexual Assault

If you are reeling after an accusation and wondering what to do if falsely accused of sexual assault, you’re right to be concerned. A conviction for sexual assault will usually result in a lengthy jail term and have lifelong repercussions, including difficulty...

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What Is Considered Sexual Assault?

  Although sexual assault has been getting a lot of widespread media attention and there have been plenty of public conversations surrounding it, the official definition of sexual assault, according to the law, isn’t always clear. Many people may still have...

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Minimum Sentence Sexual Assault Canada

Sexual assault cases can be emotionally draining and complicated. Also, the minimum sentence for sexual assault in Canada ranges widely depending on the nature and extent of the crime. Here we’ll look at “simple sexual assault” AKA “sexual assault simpliciter” and...

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Facts About Sexual Assault

The most recent data published by Statistics Canada shows a decline in the number of total decisions in criminal charges involving sexual assault. 2011 to 2012 had 4,058 decisions. 2015 to 2016 had 2,839 decisions. The same period also shows a drop in the number of...

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