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Impaired driving law is very complex and technical and constantly changes. If you are charged with impaired driving, you need a lawyer with the experience and expertise to protect your rights and who understands these laws and knows what it takes to win in court.

There are very few lawyers in Ontario who can say that the major focus of their law practice is defending impaired driving cases. In fact, in Ontario there are only four lawyers who live West of Toronto who can make this claim. Three of those four lawyers work at Kruse Law Firm: Michael Kruse, Alec Fiszauf and Karl Toews.

Defending impaired driving cases in court is what we do all day and every day. There is a reason we are known Ontario wide as The Impaired Driving Lawyers. Other law firms often call us for legal and technical advice regarding how to defend their clients’ cases. If there is a way to win your impaired driving charge, we have the expertise and proven courtroom experience to find it.

If you have been charged with a drinking and driving offence, contact Kruse Law Firm, we have a proven track record at winning such DUI cases. A large percentage of impaired driving charges can be won at trial. You need a lawyer who can win. Do not simply plead guilty without consulting an experienced impaired driving trial lawyer.


Don’t take chances with a second-rate law firm. Call Kruse Law Firm today to set up a free consultation. We will provide you with our expert advice and carefully outline your options. Our quote for legal fees will be in writing so there will be no surprises for you.